the greenpeace book

ok, the trail started here, on this day in history. so good is this book that i thought about doing something wild about it.
maybe, we should start a list around the world, of people who would like to read it. be certain, this book is good, it sure does have me hooked and remember, i read a lot. so i decided that we should create probably the worlds first chain book, with each reader signing it and passing it on to the next reader on the list.
so, the chain starts,  the book was bought in the uk, then first read by me in mallorca, i already have the next reader lined up here in mallorca but then who knows where? maybe it will wing its way across the ocean to debbie cannon in canada (where greenpeace all started) and then back to europe and beyond. so if you want to be one of the first names in the book, mail me or leave a message here, i will tell you more of the details as soon as i have finished the book myself
believe me, you will want to read it, it will tell you more about human kind than you ever anticipated, and before you all yawn – it áint no hippie story either
so mail me if you want to get on the list or leave a message on this blog entry

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