perfect sounds

sometimes life brings you little pleasures when you least expect it. Tonight on the way home, i had one, small pleasure.
For anyone who has once been into motorbikes, there is nothing quite as good as the sound of a ducati being ragged hard by the pilot.
Now imagine the scene, its a little after six on a warm january evening, it is dark but the city lights give a warm glow to everything. the evening is cool but not cold, i am walking home in a T shirt with my fleece tied to my back pack. As i walk along the main avenida, the set of traffic lights turn green and two good old boys on their ducati´s decide to have a little drag race in the evening rush hour, up to the next set of traffic lights.
The sound is just awesome, carrying well in the evening air, much louder than the other traffic. My hairs stand on end and my nipples go hard (is that wierd or what), the most amazing sound you can hear anywhere. I liken the sensation to that of a horse used for fox hunting, when the bugle sounds, the horses ears pick up.  I guess that is just one of lifes little mysteries.
The book i am reading at the moment is absolutely awesome. It was written by Rex Weyler. Most of you wont know the name but he was the founder of greenpeace way back in the 70´s. The book is an account of the times and events leading up to the founding of greenpeace and has me totally gripped. It started off with a history of the nuclear race way back in the 40´s and i am currently reading about the first time greenpeace sailed into a nuclear test site to thwart an american nuke test.
were you also aware that chernobyl was not the only nuclear accident russia experienced? there was one, decades before, one far more serious and damaging. if you have time, click on the link below and induldge yourself
so today was a good day at work, life is good on nariida, lots to do before she hits the water again in march but i reckon i can get all of my stuff done in time.
finally got a new sump pan for the car too, just have to find a few hours to fit it, and of course ask paddy if i can use his garage to do it. i have had a bit of practise at it now but i still reckon it will take at least three hours to do. bummer!
Do you remember way back in the day, steve wright in the afternoon was the coolest thing on radio, the whole world listened. OK so it was way back in the 80´s but many of you will remember it. well, we stream live internet radio on the boat and still listen to steve wright in the afternoon but now on radio 2. strange thing is, i reckon his playlist is probably the same today as it was 20 years ago. man i must be getting old!
anyway, enough for now, go and do something more rewarding than reading this page (which by the way , has already had over 350 hits this week) I must be popular!

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