its that time of year again

one good thing about being in europe at christmas is the complete lack of build up for it.
i know by now that my english chums are already bored to the back teeth of noddy holder shouting `it´s christmas`, george michael singing about last christmas , bandaid asking if they know it is christmas and maybe even kirsty mccoll and the pogues singing about some fairytale in new york.
Here, and in portugal, you see none of that nonsense – it is sheer bliss.
but for now, my christmas itinerary is as follows
Sat Dec 23rd, leave mallorca for england  for a very short visit, arriving at 7.30pm
Sat Dec 26th, i am leaving the uk again at 6am to spend new year in portugal 
 before leaving portugal on 4th january to return back here to mallorca for a few more months.
will be working flat out again for the coming week and hope to earn a shed load of dollars before the banks close on saturday.
if i dont make it back here soon, i hope you all have a jolly festive period.

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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