the rain in spain stays mainly on the wayne

tonight i walked home in the rain. nothing wrong with that at all, sometimes i like it when it rains.
as i stood waiting to cross the road at placa progesso tonight, i looked up the road and was reminded of england. something i always liked about this time of year in england would be the dark evenings, rain and christmas lights shining and reflecting off of everything that is wet.
as i stood at the crossing, i was very aware of the rain, my hair was wet, the car tyres were making that extra noise they make when the road is wet, the town was dark and lights were everywhere. The red lights on the cars seemed to have a haze around them from all of the water in the air, the headlights likewise. it was one of those perfect moments that took me back to england. As i stood there in a bit of a daze, the xmas lights suddenly came on. not that there were many but when they lit and reflected off the wet road, it just made it seem like there were more of them.
I woke from my happy daze to realise that the crossing had now turned to green. I had no idea how long it had been that way! lost in a moment i guess.
On a lighter note, i have a perfect definition of getting old.
when i was a kid, i used to stand infront of a mirror and look for spots to squeeze. Nowadays, when i get in front of the mirror to look for spots, i tend to end up pulling nasal hair rather than squeezing spots!
i reckon i am getting old ?
(authors footnote – if you have a spare four minutes, i thoroughly recommend this link )

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