sunday squeeze

after a hard days work on saturday i had no choice but to hit the sack by 8.30 on saturday night. yep, my life rocks! of course, the big benefit of this was getting up at 6am the next morning, purely because i was ready to wake up.
i made a mug of coffee and stood on my balcony overlooking santa catalina. It was around 6.30 am and i was watching , not the city waking up but more so the city going to bed after a night of partying. Nothing special in that, just more the normal way of life. I watched the people walking home and talking and chatting, none of them severely hammered, in fact none of them even appeared drunk.
of course, this got me to thinkng what it would be like in england. years ago, there were very strict licensing laws which meant that you had to go out at 8pm and drink like a fish until 11 when they closed the bars. is it any wonder people would get completely monged when they cram beer like that? now of course, the PC brigade have labelled it binge drinking and blame everything but the old laws as to why people do it but the truth is that the liscencing laws made it that way, you had to drink a lot and fast. OK here, i am sure they drink just as much but it is so easy to spread your session over 6  or 7 hours that you rarely see people legless.
The light was just waking up and the morning was quiet with a fresh air for the day. I headed inside to finish reading my book.
7.30 and i fancied another coffee, out on the terrace again and still a few revellers heading home. I actually saw one guy get out of a cab and he looked like he may have been a little unsteady on his feet but nothing too serious. I went back to my book!
at 8.30, the book was done so i went out again with another coffee and this time i did see the city waking up, or maybe going to church, not sure which.
Finally, the place was awake so at 9.30 i headed out to clean the car, buy some sugar and get some breakfast. i managed to find a place that cooks pretty awesome sausage baps and they have HP Sauce too. Had to buy another gas cylinder too, the people i have been sharing with didnt seem to bother about buying it, just kept using it. still, they have left now and once more i have the whole place to myself. tonight i am changing bedrooms and heading for the quieter one, with clean bedsheets too. something very sexy about clean and fresh sheets.
something took me by surprise the other day. Mike, my old boss, came up to me completely out of the blue and said `i owe you a days pay from when you worked on `concerto“ . of course, i was completely off guard. I had infact written the debt off and put it down to experience. I was amazed he had offered to pay. I was also considering if my words on this page the day before his offer had been a wrong judgement on my behalf. Of course his offer is now 5 days old and he still hasnt given me any money!! read into that what you will. i think he had other motives, that being after he saw me working on  concerto and he was still working on it, maybe he thought that i would mention to the captain that he hadnt paid me? Either way, if he coughs up, i will be amazed!
On the 23rd, i am heading to england for xmas. just three days there, thats more than enough. on the 26th, flyin gback to portugal for 8 days, some surf, loads of sex with the doctor and on the 3rd of jan, i head back to mallorca to finish my tour of duty for this year.
so thats me done.

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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