the female anatomy

ok, once while talking with carl and benedikte oliver, i claimed that i knew more than 30 words for the female `bit`. last night after a few whiskeys i staked that claim again with mason and lexa but failed to make the grade so let me try again.
so lets start with a few easy ones,
fanny, beaver, bush and of course fluffy (as once confirmed by a WPC in rugby town centre), then there`s
gash, snatch, spam purse and axe wound – closely followed by –
stench trench, vadge, slit and minge – which leads us nicely into
vagina, love tunnel, lulu and fufu, not forgetting the basics of
hole, fur burger, hairy pie and split, onward towards
spaz hole, mound, flange and piss flaps ( thanks to the hedgehogs )
muff, fluff, snapper and gusset, almost finished,
slot, slit, front bottom, chuff, still a few more
gearbox, bearded clam, twat and box
and lets not forget the infamos
one eyed winking god of zar
I make that 37 !!
the author acknowledges the blaring ommission of the `C`word but felt that with 37 already above, he didnt need to be so crude. He also acknowledges the sex discrimination act and has already started work on a male equivalent due to be published later this week.

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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