loving life

its hard to explain but i just love palma. OK, so it´s a city and i am no city fan thats for sure but this place is just different.
Imagine this, i leave the house at 8am, more or less. i walk into and through palma and stop at one of many cafes for a sandwich, a coffee and to read my book. At 8am, they are rammed too, full up. I usually go to whichever has the best looking chicks, i always find that the best way to start the day is with something good looking on the other side of the counter.
i can sit and read for around 40 minutes before i need to leave again and finish my walk. just think, taking an hour to get to work when i can do it in 20 minutes if i go direct, so leisurely.
Then, there is the whole scooter culture here. OK i guess that is something to do with the weather but it is so good to see mums taking their kids to school on the footplate of a scooter rather than in the 4×4 whose total annual off roading comes to nothing more than bumping up the kirb on the school run
then there are the streets. meticulously cleaned every day by a whole army of workers, from dawn until dusk. one downside is that dog owners let their dogs shit everywhere and never pick it up. my next photo shoot will be of the dog poos of palma, look out for that one.
Of course there is also a small bet with mason that i have to fulfil. mason bet me 100 bucks that i wouldnt rollerblade along the front in palma wearing only a leopard skin thong! what a fool he is. of course i will do it, the bet will pay for my rollerblades, something i was too tight to buy last year. I even thought about a slogan on my back, something like
there will of course be photos in due course.
so this weekend i have a full weekend of work planned. fitting a kitchen with mason tomorrow ( he is still a complete cock) and then on sunday, head gasket on a shite old citroen AX. life is fun in mallorca.
I have been retained by nariida for another two weeks which will keep the pennies rolling in unless i hit the jackpot on tonights lottery. in which case , i wont be doing much more in the way of work – ever! i did have a funny feeling in the pit of my stomache when i bought the ticket, and no, it wasnt wind. maybe my luck is about to change?
so tomorrow, mor ework. i am so tired at the moment. there are 34 steps to deck level of nariida and this morning in the first hour i counted 5 times that i went up and down. my legs ache like a marathon runner.
until sunday

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