is life like a good book?

you pick up a book and start to read. at the beginning of the book, you have no idea what is in front of you nor do you know anything about the characters in the book but you feel compelled to keep reading. something has grabbed your interest, your attention. you plod on into the unknown.
about a quarter of the way through the book, scenes have been set and you start to become slighty aware of where the story might lead, but you cannot be sure what lies ahead, what twists and turns will spoil the theories that you have built based on how you interpreted the text.
at half way, the theories and expectations you had have already been changed by the author and his writing skills. what you thought you might read has now been re-written in your mind. you are completely in the power of someone else, that someone else is leading you into the latter half of the book at their will. they will play with your mind and torture you so that you cannot stop reading (unless you are reading the davinci code of course)
at two thirds distance, the book has you gripped, you just can´t stop reading, you want to keep reading at every moment, the story has you completely engrossed but you still dont have the answers. you want this section to last for ever, it`s fast and punchy and has your feet twitching but you still want to know the ending and have its answers, confusing eh?  but this is the section in the book where you are becoming almost fully aware of what is happening. you think about all of the possibilities of the book while you are not reading it until
it builds to a close. the life that raced in the last third is exhausted and dries up to an almost tiresome pace. the book is finally giving up its secrets, the solutions that you eagerly sought at the beginning of the last third are coming to you now bu tyou lack the enthusiasm now that you have the knowledge that you so eagerly desired.
then the epilogue – death itself, the end of the book, the last few pages, boring as hell and you just want to finish it, to get that final chapter complete so that you can say you read it. – then its all over!

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