so here we are

it rained today,infact for most of the morning.

yesterday i met with the accountant and closed my business off for the rest of the financial year. I also met with the solicitor. he tells me he has seen a land plan and the terrain is all mine, personally i think he is telling me fibs. when i went to the camara, they told me they didnt have land maps. he did show me though the cardineta for my house, this is basically the ownership papers. i thought they were missing but he soon put me right.

but the best day is still yet to come, when the drunk belgian returns, i have a feeling all hell is gonna break loose.

had a frantic last minute surf last night at tonel. a quick hour before it got too dark. was a sweet wave even if it was small, as gentleman jim would say ‘ the ETR ratio was high’

so today i have some work in the bubble and tomorrow a day at autorapo, so all is peachy.

england beckons next weekend, just a three day visit, no doubt that will be manic but will also be good to meet up with all of my old chums and have a few beers, check out my old stomping grounds and then head home thinking that nothing has changed.

then my last month in portugal until new year. time will fly i am sure but i am looking forward to going back to mallorca. the experience is good and of course i will see my chums over there too.  This year i am heading back earlier than usual, but this means i can have a mid term break. i wont be taking my boards over, was a waste of time last year, just not enough surf and the water was absolutely freezing.

have the house all to myself next week. julias parents are visiting so she will be staying with them in the very cosy resort of martinhal, lucky girl. so, will push on with the plastering and try to get it all finished.

so until next weekend

be good

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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