lazy sunny sundays

ok, its not my intention to make you all jealous but………

i woke up this morning at 6.30 and decided to head out to watch the sun rise. this time i took my camera with me and hit some real sweet shots. damn shame i cant upload them yet but i promise to save them until i can. the sunrise this morning was spectacular, i even managed to get shots of the birds flying as they woke up, these photos you must see.

after the sunrise, i started my search for a wave and ended up at zavial before 8am. it wasnt the best but at least i had a couple of waves, and thats what counts.

i dried off and headed to the bubble for breakfast and then back home to lay in the sun for an hour.

later i headed to barranco, a secluded south coaster, it was going off gang busters! i watched for a while, what was a very sweet wave but then , from out of nowhere, a clean up set would come crashing through, closing out all across the beach. I call it a clean up set because it comes through so big and from so far out, no-one has a chance of staying on their boards, and they were pumping through in sets of three’s or fours’.

being smart, i decided that surf wasnt for me but i got some cool pictures of the day. again, i promise to upload them as soon as possible, just keep watching.

i left barranco after maybe an hour and headed to ingrina. there were two guys in the water and they didnt seem to be catching anything, so , me and my hawaiian shorts gave it a go!  bingo! hit a beauty on my second attempt but then it got real tricky with clean up sets and deadly currents. Julia and Kati appeared and we all did battle with the currents for a while. eventually we opted out as the place was filling up and ingrina is a very small beach.

and that brings me back to the bar where i am now telling you about my day. tomorrow i have to work but i will be expecting some less crowded beaches during the coming week. i have to work on monday at the garage but that is just for one day hopefully so back to my old routine shortly.

are you jealous yet ?

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