would you trade?

my lifestyle for yours ?

well its a dead end question really because there is no way on earth i am gonna swap, not for love nor money.

i woke up this morning at 9.30 ish and went out to the kitchen to make a nice cup of vanilla tea with orange blossom honey. i sat on top of my chicken house in the sun. it was skin warming at that time in the morning. i laid back and relaxed for 15 minutes and sipped at my tea.

i put my shorts on and headed to the beach, then to the bubble for my morning coffee. the drive into sagres was gorgeous. sunny mornings, wind blowing in my hair, no traffic, only a few tourists remain.

the pace of life here is just breathtaking, it is so slow you actually get out of breath waiting for things to happen.

my work at autorapo is finished now so i have nothing more than surf and beach and house stuff until the end of october, time to relax and enjoy before i head back to the grind inmallorca.

have been up to armado a couple of times this week. the best thing about that is the drive there and back again, it is just so cool, trees , windmills the sea and sand.

surf has been real heavy this week. the waves are good at around two and a half metres but that has created white water that is impossible to paddle through. a couple of brave fools have tried it but without sucess. the swell is dropping again now but the forecast (if you believe it ) is suggesting 13 feet waves for next weekend.  waves that big are awesome to watch but thats about all you can do with them, too big for me to go out and surf. i like my arms and legs all in one place thank you.

on a ligher note, i am still waiting for the drunk fool next door to return. for sure he will try to start a fight with me  but i will just order him off my land and tell him never to come back.  we will see.

so enough internet for one day, its time to hit the beach again

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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