open car surgery

the surf bus is now fully recovered after open car surgery.

a new radiator, 4 new tyres, sump repair and a full set of suspension bushes including track rod ends! gotta keep the old bus reliable. in six weeks time it has another road trip across spain back into mallorca.

have finished work at the garage now until i leave. have one small boat to fix in the harbour at sagres before i leave but apart from that all done.

so for the next six weeks, house work and beach work. i am looking forward to some time off before i hit mallorca again. the work there will be full on until the christmas break but it is always good for the bank balance.

will be in england from 29th september but only for a few days until i return here. Kelly and amy land on friday 13th for a week and then after that, i just have one trip to make to holland to see the very beautiful Dr . when i return, i have just one day here before the road trip begins and that will be my last chance to surf for 2 months.

my back injury has still not recovered but the bowen therapist has offered me a free consultation because he didnt fix it first time. i am not a believer but as i dont have to pay again, will try it once more. failing that, it is off to lagos for a visit with the cracker.

today , there is only a small wave to be had but never the less, i will find my way to the beach for the afternoon. the optimists in town are believing the internet forecast of a 3 metre swell before the weekend, me, i would just rather wait and see, forecasts tend to be wrong more than they are right.

have a job on sunday, baby sitting a dog for my friend anna. i wonder if i can get the little blighter on my surf board? worth a go i think.

so i guess that will be it for now. the sun is still out although it is a little cooler now, i am hoping that the water is still warm enough for shorts but there is only one way to find out i guess.

ate a proxima

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