beautiful life

ok, let me just have a real quick bitch at these microsoft boys again, who for some reason still havent changed whatever it is they screwed up – tossers! i know why though – because the sad old geeks have to sit behind their desks all day while i have all the fun at the beach.


Today i find myself all alone again, i must admit, i like it that way too. not that i dislike having my friends around but sometimes the solitude and peace of being alone is irreplaceable. Mason left today after three week, mike and family also bailled out today , all heading back to mallorca, somewhere i will be again in 6 weeks time. Lineke has been home for a week now, i also miss having her around but more about that shortly!

so today, i came to the bubble to have breakfast with everyone, it was a perfect scenario. mason, mike, penny, tracey, brandon and benjie. when i got here, francie, kati and julia were already here, rick and sofia working in the bar, all of my friends for breakfast on a sunny sunday morning. just the way i like it. of course there was no surf to be had, thats why everyone was in the bar! so we sat and ate pancakes with fresh fruit and maple syrup, drank fresh orange juice followed by a black coffee, just the perfect start to the day. the rest of the day would be spent fixing a few problems in the bubble, a fair trade for my food and drink for the day.

yesterday i had a late afternoon surf at amado, somewhere i havent been in ages. the tide was high and the surf small but there were some decent waves to be had. I spotted brandon out on his bodyboard and paddled out to him. I was in my shorts , on the west coast, in the atlantic in september. i surfed for over an hour and the water was unbelievably warm, the sort of day you long for when you live here, tourists are getting less and less by the day the sun was burning down, it was just heaven.

i left the beach in a hurry, i had to be at home to sell my motorbike. but the best part was yet to come. the drive from amado was lined with pine and eucalyptus trees, the sun high in the sky and and the car windows open, my hair blowing in the breeze with dave grohl playing on the stereo, always brings a smile to my face (thanks max for that music, i doubt you knew how important it would become in my life when you sent it to me).

When i got home, i sold my motorbike for 200 euros, the same bike i bought last year for 50 bucks. the two dudes rode away on it , without a clutch! you have to just love this place, if they got stopped by the police, i doubt they would have had any trouble.

the work on the house is way behind schedule but it doesnt seem important. i hope to have made good progress on the two front rooms before kelly arrives mid october. i have decided to work with russ until the end of september then for october, surf and work on the house as much as possible.

October will also see me spending a long weekend in holland with Dr Groovey Nose Rider (not her original name but i was asked to edit it out for future employment purposes). i am guessing it will be cold over there by then but something tells me i wont notice too much. I do have photos to upload but cant until this page is fixed so stay tuned.

I managed to blag the same apartment again in Palma, Santa Catalina, so all is peachy. due to arrive on the 1st November. Will be travelling a lot between now and then. Decided to head to england for xmas, arriving on saturday 23rd and leaving again on tuesday 26th , heading to portugal to see in the new year and have some time to surf. Of course, the doctor will also be here for new year so we will enjoy some winter swell together (she does look seriously hot when she is out in the waves) before returning to palma in the new year to begin work once more. finally will return to portugal either at the end of april or mid may, depending on work and of course when the doctor comes back for a surf.

I hope to have a project ready for the house before i leave, i can leave it with the council while i am away, but the first thing i will have to do when i return next year is a new roof for the old section of the house. i have patched it this year but it is time for a new one!

my back is still hurting. it ranges in severity from ‘uncomfortable to poo’ all the way up to ‘no surfing’ i am sure you can work out which end of the scale is which? anyway, yesterdays surf saw me bail out twice in very shallow water and land on my arse which has agrevated the old spine a little bit, that was the first surf i had tried in over a week and i was gagging for it so it was almost worth the pain.

the tourists are finally leaving and the sun is still relentless. it feels good to surf in shorts, especially on the west coast, where the water is usually colder, a south coast swell this week would be heavenly – i will be praying hard.

so this coming week i will be working as hard as possible to help clear the work from the workshop in preparation for an october of surf and house work.

so i leave you with a request for help with two things,

1, can anyone fix my problems on this page with photos? can you tell me if you can see the photos ok?

2, i want to buy a laptop – if you know of one for sale, mac or windows, so long as it has a fast processor and a big hard disk

but before i leave, a few late hello’s

sandhya desai – it is always good to hear from you,
sandra antunes – how does it feel when people play games with you ???????????
granma – save me a seat at the dinner table, i will be home for xmas
jake – its about time you came to portugal for some surf
alex – you faggot
Marta – just wanted to say hello!!

ok enough for now

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