well , let me fill you all in

ok, appologies for the garbled message a couple of days ago, i was really rapped for time.

i would like to throw a big fat smelly egg at microsoft for updating their blog pages, now you can see, nothing works. i have tons of photos to add but they are having a few techinical problems. why is it always the way that whenever computers are ‘updated’ they never work the same again? always been the same, whenever a business introduces a new version of software, things always go tits up, despite their best reassurances that all is good.

so where do we start?

well, mason , the cock has been here for over two weeks now. we surfed a little, he fished a lot, caught very little (in fact at one point i was sure he was buying fish from the shop and telling me he was catching them). amongst other things, he had offered to help me with the house so that offer was readily accepted. By the end of the first week we had managed to re-set the tiles on the rear of the house, they leaked after a rain storm, and also managed to relay some new concrete floors in the front of the house . Not without problems though. all the manual work of breaking up the old concrete, my back has been completely wasted for a week or more. we battled on during friday afternoon so that all of the rooms at the front were finished floor wise but i have paid a heavy price.

tonight i tried some bowen technique. i am a little sceptical but we will wait and see. how can you fix someones back without actually touching it ?

so the house is way behind schedule. there are a couple of reasons for that. I have been working loads at the garage, and i also met a real sweet chick, so spent a lot of time with her. I will tell all.

Her name is Dr. Gary and she lives in holland. 25 years old, and cute as you like. great figure, nice ass, big brown eyes and yep, she surfs too. Did i mention she is a doctor???? so not only is she very sexy but also incredibly smart with it. She is so damn smart that i just booked a flight to holland in october to go and spend some time with her before i head back to mallorca for the winter. i am guessing that holland will be very cold at that time of year so we might have to cuddle up close for a while. I would add some pictures of course but thanks to uncle bill, it just aint possible yet.

I broke my car again too last week. smashed the oil sump off again. havent had time to strip it off yet but mason has offered to help so maybe tomorrow night would be a good time to start and finish it. cant find an exhaust pipe for love nor money in spain or portugal so i figure i am gonna have to weld that up and take a chance with it.

I took my land back from my drunken belgian neighbour. i rented a dude with a JCB and he dug out the garden like you wouldnt believe. of course, we dumped all of the rocks and the soil onto my land that borders with his so i am going to absolutely piss myself when he comes back and sees it. that is one confrontation that i am looking foreward to.

Still have to re,plaster teh walls in the front section of the old house and i really have to get that done before kelly gets here in october, otherwise they will have to sleep in my cave and i will have the sofa yet again. would be good to get things finished and rented out but it looks like i will miss my targets of what i wanted to get finished. One bonus of that is that i will have more money left than i budgeted for so it cant all be bad.

Jake had his exam results, and i have to say – jolly good show old chap.!!!! a top set of results! 9 A’s, 1 ‘B’ and 1 ‘C’ so not only did he inherit my gorgeous buff and studly good looks but also got my brains too eh? now he fancies a career in politics and a further education at oxford so looks like i might have a few more winters left in mallorca !!!

I decided that xmas will be in england this year, then back to portugal for new year and then finally back to mallorca for more work until i have enough dosh to survive the summer. seems i am quite the jet setter again!

so, will stay at work until the end of the month and then try to blitz off everything i need to finish off before i leave at the house but keep watching.

may try and get back here again at the weekend but dont hold your breathe.

special hello’s to

granma ( for seeing me as a vision in one of her dreams and then calling me to check i was still alive)

and lastly

Dr Gary!!

One response to “well , let me fill you all in

  • Verity

    Hi sweetness!
    Hope things are good with you! coming home for christmas hey? you better be making time for me in your plans…
    Speak soon gorgeous xxx

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