as another week closes

been a busy boy this weekend.

saturday saw me slogging my guts out in the garden all day but at least i have finished digging the footings for my new wall. today was more of a finish and tidy up.

this coming week it is time to buy bricks and cement and hopefully by the weekend i will have started my first wall ever! wonder how straight that will be? how hard can it be? its less than a metre high so i reckon i can pull it off.

had a visitor today, a german dude was lost and needed directions. i know my place is a little remote but that was a first. i was playing xbox in my towel after having a shower when he knocked…….bizzare

i have finished a little vegetable patch for julia and her tomatoes and red hot chilllis, maybe this will cut down on the bugs a little?

so this week, back to work. i am toying with the idea of going to the sudoeste festival this year, some good names like goldfrap, zero7, the prodigy and even the mighty madness are playing this year, all for 70 bucks – damn cheap, maybe……

watch this space for more on that.

picked up the mini mal today, so looking foreward to a ride on that sometime this week, lunchtime surfs are cool but you have to trade food in place of a surf – no competition really.

so enough for now

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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