has it really been a week since i last wrote?

ok, i will try to remember it all, but no tin any specific order.

i went to lisbon at the weekend. not a big city fan most of you will know but i had been gagging to try out the legendary trains here in portugal. i treated myself to a first class ticket to lisbon, some 300kms each way. the cost, return was a measly 44 euros, thats about 25 of your johnny english pounds! i was a little hungry so i ordered from the buffet ( or to be truthful, the waitress came and took my order) so at 120kph i was eating a very good beef stroganof followed by fresh fruit all washed down with a half bottle of portugals finest vinho tinto, all for an amazing 11 bucks!!!!

eventually, the train hit top speed of 220kph (approx 130mph) and i arrived in lisboa after a pleasant two and a half hour trip. OK, i admit, i was a little pissed from the wine, but it was a good trip.!!

I was also treated to a bill from the local council for the portuguese equivalent of council tax. for the year, just 47 euros – yes that wasnt a mis print!!! so i actually smiled at receiving a bill.

i stopped at the local council today too, to check on the land borders. sadly they didnt have maps so i am going to the police next to report the theft of my land before reclaiming it with a spade and a wheel barrow. then i got to thinking, maybe luis the neighbour had done exactly the same, as there was no maps, he thought he would get away with it. OK i admit, the whole issue has pissed me off a lot! the drunken old fool, while i was away in mallorca, stole my land. that, is a very sneaky thing to do, certainly not the level of integrity i would expect from an old military man. when he comes back, i will tell him that i have a gun and a spade and am not afraid to use them.

soon i will have a little more time to work on the house. of course, i am way behind schedule but on the bright side, my bank balance is above schedule (if that is a correct thing to say)

the car is still going strong. have a few new suspension parts to fit, hopefully, this weekend but apart from that, all is well. I might even try to fix the air con too!

ok, the sad news – i havent been in the water fro two weeks now, so this weekend i am going to get up early and take both boards to the beach. hopefully i will avoid the whoardes of tourists which are a real pain in the ass.

i have managed to survive the first month without going shopping. i am trading my time as a maintenance man at the bubble lounge in exchange for beer and food tokens. the system works well and they always seem to have problems that i can fix.

i am desperate for a washing line though, you know the whirly sort? the triangular or square ones with loads of space on them. cant find one anywhere here, tried ebay but the stupid woman wouldnt post it to me in portugal – there are some real dumb asses on ebay.

seems the local trendy surfers have a new outfit for the summer. to help them look cool, they are wearing shorts and t shirts the same colour red as the life guards……some people really do need to get a life.

i have some guests coming out soon too, Mason, the gay cock from mallorca will be here in a week or two and then Junior has promised to come out in october – finally!!!!!!! like it only took her two years!

b een into some real good books too, will update my reviews next time i am on but until then, you ar ejust gonna have to wait.

lastly – Hi to max, always good to hear from you

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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