a different pace of life

some things you notice.
for instance, in mallorca, at 8am i would br at work, in portugal, at 8am, my alarm clock is just ringing.
lunch time in mallorca is a rushed 1 hour break, here in portugal it is a chilled hour and a half with a good book.
the breeze keeps things cooler too and the evenings are not sweaty hot.
mallorca compared to the uk has a very relaxed pace of life but then compare to portugal and you are almost horizontal here – so chilled out.
the down side now is that the trendy surfers are here in force. with their billabong australia t shirts , trying more to look cool than they are enjoying themselves. so i have to bear them for the next six weeks until i get the place to myself once more. i guess that is just something you have to deal with when you live in a holiday resort.
on alighter note, some good news this week. my accountant tells me i havent earned enough to pay tax ( yes, that is good news) and the dimensions of the wall i want to build to extend my patio are of the right size that i can do it without planning permission from the local council.  there is one more bit of good news i am hoping for next week, and that is news that my neighbour luis has infact stolen my land and i can take it back. the more i see what he did while i was away, the more angry i get with the drunken old fool.
the weekend is here and i have lots to do. my mini mal is repaired and i need to pick that up, off to lagos to buy suncream (yep, still havent found anywhere nearer that sells the stuff i use) some more garden work and a little prep for the footings on the patio.
pedro the builder is coming round today to look at the wall, but i might just try to do it myself – i have never laid a brick before in my life, this should be interesting.
a few problems uploading my photos at the moment but i will work on that too this week.
so be good and keep cool 

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