sweet surf sessions

oh  yeah baby, its good to be  home.

saturday and sunday evenings , at sunset, i scored two beautiful sessions. yup, small and beautiful, just like a good woman, these are how i like my waves.

ponta ruiva was my chosen destination, on the west coast, my nearest beach to home, just ten minutes down the dirt track. at that time in the evening, all of the trendy boys have gone home after strutting their stuff to the local talent all day long.

that leaves you with the beach all to yourself. i just love paddling out back and saying hi to my chums that are already there. Sven, Ricky and rob, already in the water picking off the better shaped stuff.

the water was warm with a light off shore breeze, i should have gone in wearing just my shorts really but i wasnt sure………next time, i promise, i still have last years hawaiian shorts, dusted off and ready for action this year.

at the weekend, the holiday season starts so all hell will break loose. time to study the tide timetable and pick off an early morning surf before work (a dawnie) and last thing at night (sunset session).

and while the tourists are here, i can hide away in my tatty little farm house and start fixing it up.

nothing more but work this week – its fun being at autorapo ……..sometimes russ can be a complete cock !!!!!!  oh yeah !!

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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