back in the land that time forgot

yep, where its hard to find an internet connection, people walk so slowly, old men on bycyles that travel so slowly you wonder how they stay upright, you have jurassic style bugs in your house and wonder how many are crawling across you while you sleep

and sadly – the land of the trendy surfers!

i hate to admit it, sagres has changed. more upmarket surf competitions means the place is full again of pretentious tossers……either that or i forgot what tourist season is like down here.

have been working harder than i thought i would too. russ has a new mechanic and he is off on holiday for a month, so i get to cover. must admit though, it is good to be back, working at autorapo is a good laugh – and i havent broken anything – YET!!

sandra, the ex is in town. so i get calls at 6 am in the morning and a brace of texts for amusement. what does piss me off a little is how she flirts with other guys in front of me, presumably to make me jealous, only thing is, i wonder why she has so little self respect to do stuff like that.

she is doing her best to make friends with all of my chums here and even making friends with some of the local fools! women…….i will never understand!

enough about her.

the house will get hit shortly, i have a plan, and i am sticking to it, which also includes air con with de-humidifiers. got some roof work to do too, good job i am ok with heights eh?

some wierd looking giant crickets, tons of ghekos, spiders that you dont want to go near to, a lizzard in the kitchen and even a big black scorpion in the garden. mind you, when i got the strimmer out to go look for him, he was long gone.

the good old peugeot just keeps going – the lion goes from strength to strength!!

i am still currently having email with bank girl – she really is something of a cutie. her name is marta but for now lets call her bank girl. keep watching for more news.

ok, tonight i am heading to ponta ruiva to meet rob the soap for an evening surf session. should be good, high tide is late so expecting an excellent centre section, ideal fro me and my long board.

enough for now, will be back soon.

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