my peace is about to be shattered

christine is just boarding her plane and will be here in a few hours, closely followed by lyndsey.
my bathroom is about to be filled with 100 bottles of this and that and general tat for a week – heavenly!!
so tomorrow we will head north, very early in the morning too.
just checked the swell report – not a sausage – unless you live in portugal where it is currently pumping at between 7 – 12 feet – oh the irony of it all.
still, i reckon by the end of june, i could be moving on from palma, just need to surf for a while, not had a bean here for ages.  No sex i can deal with, no surf is a completely different matter!
enough for now, off for a coffee.
çiao bebes

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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