the regular visitors amongst you may have noticed a very hot young portuguese girlie with her own collection of photos yesterday on this page.
well, after careful consideration, i decided to remove her gallery today. dont get me wrong, she was very hot indeed, infact heart stoppingly hot but i didnt want to turn my page into some kind of chick fest.
ok, dont misunderstand me here, i appreciate the finer sex more than all of you but that is not what my page is about, it is here for me to communicate with you, for you to leave messages and for me to bitch about anything that pisses me off and finally things that make me really happy.
in an attempt to keep my readership as high as possible and for me to be honest to myself, i prefer to keep you entertained with my own antics rather than the very fine curves of an unattached young fillie.
so, i will return to photographing bumper stickers, criminally fat arses on the younger generation and my self portraits of me looking rather cool and liberated.
if you have any requests and suggestions – keep them to yourself and do us all a favour
te he hee

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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