sunny sundays

last night impromptu late night meant we didnt surface until around 10.30 this morning.  by the time i had suitably chilled and woken, three cups of coffee and some breakfast it was midday before we left for the north of the island.
mallorca was suddenly beautiful again. 30+ degrees and greenness everywhere.  we were heading to the very northern tip of the island to find two beaches that i had spotted from the aeroplane last week.  The drive up was superb, twisty mountain roads, hairpin bend one after the other – just like the italian job.
when we finally reached the tip of the island, i guessed that we had missed a turn or something. we arrived at the lighthouse sitting on top of cliffs that were at least 200 feet up if they were an inch.  Not much of a mountaineer, i didnt fancy the climb down (or back up again for that matter) so we turned and headed back to another beach we passed 10 k before.
A long thin beach that wrapped around the northern tip with plenty of baby jellyfish to deal with. sat for an hour or so before i got completely bored off my tits and managed to persuade the girls that we should head home and hit my fave little cafe opposite santa catalina market. two hot waitresses mean this is the best place to go (for me anyway)
so after a coffee we finally made it back to the apartment, picked up my usb lead, hit the diner for a burrito and then hotfooted it into the internet cafe to update my space.
so sit tight for now, i am sure i will have a dozen tales to tell of the girls antics this week.
enough for now

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