how to commit murder

easy to do,
form a rock band, call yourselves something like U2 perhaps?
write world leading songs for nearly three decades and make sure at least a handful are completely timeless classics.
when you feel your career has reached all of its highs – sell your soul!
let some fat ass´d yank, rip off one of your songs with a few badly placed  wow-oh-wows and oooh yeahs, the sort that makes her chin and jaw click while she spurts them out.
if thats not enough, maybe you could perform backing vocals or play percussion for her
to make sure you really sell out, let the aforementioned fat ass´d yank take all the credit for murdering one of the western worlds modern classics and market the song under the name
Mary J Blige featuring U2 – one!
now guys – i know you are irish but come on – you really did fuck up here! you are not a feature in someone elses career, you are a whole story of your own, you dont need stunts like this to survive.
maybe bono has finally lost the plot like Jackson – after that front page feature with the Gates´s maybe he has finally gone doolally

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