some new photos for you

been a while but today presented a great opportunity so i got my camera out.
I was working on cinderella with paddy. he was in a very tight spot, tightening some clips on a deck drain under the floor. i popped in his area to see how he was getting on.
he was burried in the floor section , head first heading to the centre of the boat , facing up, effectively sliding downhill on his back – and he was stuck!
i laughed a lot at first but then he said he was getting a little worried about his predicament, not being able to free himself. At this point i thought it better to stop laughing at him and go and fetch my camera. Ran off a couple of good shots before calling the other guys to come and help me lift him out feet first.
feel free to have a look and a laugh

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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