poopa scoopa

This always makes me laugh .
lots of very beautiful, prim and proper women over here, out walking their dogs.
thing is, dogs have a habit of crapping everywhere. Judging by all the shit i have to dodge when running or cycling, few of the pet owners actually pick up after their dogs.
But the prim and proper always do, and this gives them a massive dilema.
while they are out strutting with their token pooch, in the latest designer shoes, sunglasses, jeans and shirts, how can you still look cool when you gotta pick up the good old chocolate log that your faithful friend has just dumped? even better, when there is a handsome, buff and studly dude (thats me in case you were wondering) strutting like john travolta towards you and your dog drops one that isnt quite as solid as you thought – what do you do ?
you cant leave it there can you – others might consider you uncool!
Dilema dilema dilema

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