Therapy Sessions

not quite what you were thinking, is my bet.
having worked like a dog all week i was completely knackered tonight and prepared to leave work early at 5pm. not sure if i should run when i got home or not, i was hungry and very tired. mike mentioned that there was swell forecast for the weekend and maybe there would be some around tonight.
I drove home and decided when i got there to lob the longboard on the roof and head to peguera, but not before having a poo.
when i got there it was small and mushy, two guys in the water and seaweed soup – almost like swimming in jellyfish.
the water didnt feel too cold, but then again it has been very warm today but i doubt the water has actually warmed up any.
i flapped around like a twat for maybe three quarters of an hour without catching anything to talk about, then decided to call it a day and head in.
now this is wierd. although the session was crap, i actually felt quite good in myself. Yes, i started thinking about what the waves would be doing back in portugal but i wont be there for a while yet. Infact, when i am in portugal, if the waves had been as lame there as they were tonight here, i wouldnt have even gone in, but i did.
i think i need seawater as a form of carbohydrate – it seems to give me more enegry. it woke me up and made me feel all warm inside. it also made me realise just how much i am missing portugal.
I got changed and started to leave peguera, this time, my music of choice and inspiration, Nelly Furtado, a most gorgeous portuguese beauty!, the tune, Try, followed by Força. the dusk light was beginning to settle as i hit the motorway and looked out to sea and across the colours of the villages and sky. Dusk always seems like a warm cosy blanket falling over the country, especially on a summers evening. Neon signs, street lamps, car lights – all seem to merge as one with the reds, blues, greys and whites in the sky, a most magical time.
so life is still good.
Last night i spoke with Ms beckenbauer who is looking after my house in portugal. She tells me all is well, she loves the location and the wildlife and even tells me there are small snakes in the garden – how freaky. The cats are well, seems everyone falls in love with Mellie, the big stupid cat. Lots of rain too. I bet my garden will be full of blossom on the fruit trees by now, what a sight to see.
enough for now, could be working all weekend so might not get back again until monday night – feel free to leave me a message – big hello to Rue for his last message – top dollar!!!

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