where have you been?

ok, first things first, weekend working.
not to make a habit of it but while i am here i intend to work like a madman, no partys , no drinking , just work work work, reading, cycling and running, and rollerblades when i buy some next month, no shagging, orgys or perverse acts in the street with circus animals, but russ, when i get back to portugal, th eweekends are strictly for the beach!
so, it seems like an age since i last wrote here.
friday night was st patricks night and we ended up in an irish bar in magaluf – strange thing is, we all had serious bad heads on saturday – and i wasnt the only one throwing up at midday the next day! Saturday was a complete write off. that is what i hate about drinking, the next day is always written off, and the headaches and nausea just aint worth it.
so saturday was almost useless. i did go shopping in porto pi – you remember that place, it is a complete chick fest all of the time, and this saturday was no dissapointment. a few stick in my mind, like the three dirty germany girls i got stuck behind at th efruit counter – each and every one of them a complete hunnie!
then, there was the milf to end all milfs – this woman was so so so so so so beautiful, but married with kids – denied! but man was she gorgeous – a natural wonder!
the chick in the bank is still hot – i might give her one more chance and ask her out one last time – she is fine as apple crumble and custard after a sunday roast.
sunday was a gorgeous day here but i had to work. i was meant to work on saturday but was in no fit state. the palma marathon took place on sunday and started from the boat yard so that was a bit chaotic – by the time i had finished work , they were lifting the porta loos away. a glorious sunny day missed because i got mullered on friday night.
oh well, this weekend will be much the same i think but without the beer.
so tonight i legged it home on my bike in a t shirt and running bottoms, was a nice ride after the shower of rain this afternoon.
that´ll do for now anyway – i gotta dash, leave me a message or get in touch and tell me what you are doing.
çiao for now

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