the da vinci code – dan brown

what a crock of shit!
this book was so lame it took me two months to read it. the first 100 pages sent me to sleep at night, then it got good for a bit, then i fell asleep again.
the author tries to make you think he is classy with all of his knowledge and laguage skills. there were so many words in this book that i didnt know, and also french language sections that i wondered if i woulld ever follow the plot without knowing what they meant.  sadly i did follow the plot, so that means the nonsense was a complete waste of time.
if you insist on reading it, have a french dictionary and and english one too – you will need them.
the twist in the story at the end almost made me blink with excitement – how boring! i see this book is in the news currently – i can only assume it is there because of a fraud – for being a best seller.
my advice, dont waste your time – go and have a poo instead.

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