Moving to the city

Ok, you can be the first to know.
last night i bagged a cool apartment in the old town of Palma. I move in at the end of the month.
the place is much bigger than my current place, better facilities, a balcony over the narrow street below, a shower that i can turn around in without knocking the taps either hot or cold, my own washing machine and an oven for cooking. All of this and reduced my rent by 200€ per month! perfect.
I have to share with the owner, who spends most of the time out of the country, her name is Cecile, a young french chick. I havent met her yet so i will let you know in due course if she is a biffer or a bunnie. naturally, of course, i am hoping she is a complete hunnie but i doubt my luck can be that good !  time will tell.
so today, it has been gloriously sunny, just like the weekend but it can change badly from day to day. monday was freezing cold, sunday was gloriously hot.
Anyway, before i run out of time, saturday 13th May, i will be in my hometown for those of you that fancy a beer at night. if you need further info, mail me or mail/call the sex pest on +44 7968 305 195 or
he is a complete prick so please be very gentle with him – if you are a chick, make sure you hide your phone number when you call, he has several convictions for stalking young girls!!
çiao for now

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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