where are they now

below is a list of people i havent heard from in a while – if you know of their whereabouts or you are named here – get in touch
Sandhya desai – last seen many years ago in london – oxford street
Carol mayers – the out of office queen – last seen in loughton like all good essex girls with a bottle of lambrini
Mr & Mrs Oliver – last seen in Norway with nipples like ice picks
Kelly Gurnsey – last seen at xmas – mustafa number for her somewhere
Alex ´the fag´clifton – last seen at new year kicking the shit out of my car !!!!
Steve B was also due to be on this list but i just spoke to him
Max – last seen the day i left the uk – wandering the streets somewhere in leicester
Graham Richer – last seen riding white water just off the cornish coast (chicken shit)
Paddy (paul whitehouse) – last seen deep inside 50-50 hiding from mikey d
you know where to find me
for the queen!

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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