what to do when you are bored

yesterday afternoon i was at a loose end so i decided to text a complete stranger a coded message – it read as follows
In Leningrad, the moose drive on the left only after 5pm. Sparkle
now, i made up a UK number and sent the text but nothing, whoever received it didnt respond.  Of course, the message was a complete left bollock – it has no meaning at all but i wonder what someone might think when they received a text like that from a foreign number.
tonight i will try again.
finally had a surf yesterday, found a small wave at my local beach and had a couple of hours in , before my testicles were smaller than a ferrets eye balls.  today i have a stinker of a cold, the water yesterday was freezing. when i woke up this morning i could see snow on the mountains.
surfing over rocks has its dangers. Yesterdays little session left me with a fin cut, a broken centre fin on the mal and a very scary moment when my leash got wrapped around a rock on the bottom while i was caught inside.  all in a days work for a CFT like me.
spent the day glueing windows into Nariida – a monster of a boat, owned my a very rich norwegian dude.
Anyway, tonight i will wrap up warm and watch a bit of tv – more repeats i bet, same music on the music chanels, i get tired of watching the music channels only to see would be gangsters and ghetto boys talkin lik dat!
oh fuck it – time to go.

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