while waiting for the surf

i popped in to say hello.
i went shopping this morning at Porto Pi shopping centre. A real experience.  One thing i am certain of – spanish chicks are seriously hot, along the same lines as portuguese girls of course.
jet black hair (better if curly), black eyes, curvey figures – they just look so sexy.  turns out it wasnt so much as a shopping trip – more a babe fest and cosmic journey.  so after walking round with a semi for half an hour i headed for the check outs!
86 € – holy shit, i only normally spend 35€ a week!!!  ok, two pairs of jeans for work, 13€ each (less than a tenner to you non euro countries) and of course as they are for our new corporate image at work, Mikey D will be offering a refund, his newly founded company Yacht Engineering Solutions or Y.E.S. for short will soon be setting the dress code standard for palma boatyard.  That of course means i am a YES man – but dont panic, i simply refuse to morph into the corporate slag that i once was.  Mikey D also suggested that i might take a shave next week to woo a new customer – just hope he doesnt ask me to look at balance sheets, P&L and forecasting next!!
To take a razor to my handsome cheeks equal to one billy big step back on the corporate slag ladder.
Anyway, as i left the supermarket i had a serious case of trolley rage with one of the local 3 year old spanish dudes.  While walking with his mom, he was blocking my way. I wasnt that bothered and even had a smirk to myself but this little git, every three steps would look back over his shoulder and throw me an ice cold hard man glare that said í aint moving for shit mister´ his mom was clearly asking him to move over but each time she did, i got that glare! i kept chuckling to myself but he threw one glare too many.  suddelny, a long left hand reached out and grabbed his shirt collar – his mom yanked him out of the way.
of course i laughed as i passed, growled at him, flicked the bird and to really add insult to injury – shook my bag of smarties at him – little bastard!!!
I treated myself to James Blunt on the way out, they play it a lot over here.
Which brings me to spanish radio – what the f**k is all that about ?   you scan for ages to find a decent song, they play one an hour on each station then talk complete shite for the next 55 minutes – guess what i heard in the supermarket this morning ???????   SHAKING STEVENS – tons of you wont remember him.
if there is one thing i seriously miss from the UK is the abundance of good music – Jo Wylie – you are needed over here and bring that Zane Lowe dude with you too.
This week i am looking for a new apartment. i am convinced that there are others cheaper out there – one of the crew from cinderella is asking her landlady for me this weekend – seems a move to the city is on the cards. Decided to stay here for a few more months yet before returning to my beloved portugal.
anyway – enough for now

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