Getting a hair cut!!

which one – i havent decided yet ! ha ha ha
saturday 09.30 that is the time, gonna have a little trim to keep me respectable.
so tonight – out of complete frustration for lack of surf – i took my longboard in for a paddle. was there any waves i hear you ask?  not a sausage, but i was sensing getting weak in the shoulders and i wasnt wrong!
i barely made the 100 or so metre paddle to the little island, and then back again.
all of the locals must have thought i was mental or something – just before sunset paddling around on my board like a fool.
tomorrow is friday and i have a full weekend work schedule so not sure when i will get back here again  – maybe a little time away will inspire me to write more of a masterpiece next time.
until then
keep warm

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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