ex girlfriends

well, let me fill you in.
on friday, i had a text from my last girlfriend sandra – the infamous sandra, wishing me well in mallorca after reading an entry in my page from earlier that week.
Honestly – i thought that was very sweet of her – especially considering our previous communications werent exactly kind to each other.
Today – completely out of the blue and unprovoked – Verity text to say hi and that she enjoys reading my page.
so two ex girlfriends have made me smile – so please raise a glass and salute – TO EX GIRLFRIENDS!!!!
maybe it is time to have a photo selection of ex girlfriends – so get sending me those pictures – my ex girlfriends, your ex girlfriends , anyones ex girlfriends – especially if you are a lesbian,  you know where to send them
on saturday afternoon i finally found a wave. OK – it wasnt massive and it was far from perfection but after a long month or so on this island i was even considering riding white water slop.
I suited up and paddled out on the longboard to just beyond the `sweet spot´on a wave that seemed consistent. While i was sitting there straddling my board, watching the waves the fin of my board scraped on the rocks below – it was then that i realised how shallow the water was over the reef. the fin is just 8 inches long, admittedly the tail of the board was submerged a little but still – that was shallow water.  To get to my feet and ride a long way down the  line was the only safe bet if i wanted to miss all  of the rocks on a wipeout – but the wave was closing pretty quick and i seriously doubted i would get far enough down the line to be over sand when i needed to bail out.
I decided to move so that i was just hovering over the edge of the reef, at least then a take off and wipe out should see me pass the edge of the  reef.
I managed to catch a couple of below average waves until i ventured further across the bay, hoping to use some white water to gain speed before the wave re-formed.
Boy was that a mistake. The wave pitched real quick, the nose of my board went under so fast i had no chance of getting it back. Slam, i was on the bottom – dragged across two rocks and just as i thought it was all over – whack – my board planted me a good one right on top of my head!!!
I decided to get out after that – sometimes you just gotta quit!
i am firmly of the decision that a meditereanean wave is no where near as good as a porky one. I also reckon that is the reason why many of the spanish ride bodyboards instead of surf – the waves are just too sharp and quick for anything else.
so i wonder what is going on back home in portugal.
Work is fun, seems like i am permanently on cinderella which is not a bad thing. It´s a cool boat with a great crew. Andy the skipper knows his boat inside out. I always pictured ship captains as poncey farts but this dude seriously knows his stuff – and is pleasant to boot which of course makes work great fun and gives me loads of time to learn new stuff.
well, enough for now, i need to add some photos and then leave feedback on ebay
Alex you ponce – i finally got my indicator TODAY. more than six weeks after you broke it.
tomorrow is valentines day – i wonder if i will get any?
çiao for now – dont forget to send those ex girlfriend photos!

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