what did you do today?

me, i found myself working in a space so small, when i took deep breaths my ribs expanded and touched an engine on one side and a generator on another – and to add to my pain, my chin was resting on my knees!
was a harsh day but the ride to work was gorgeous.
the ride to work is about 10 km and takes just over 20 minutes door to door. as i leave my flat, it is all down hill. the first up hill is very gentle and then drops into another big downhill into the next town.
The coastroad does this through two more villages until you run down the final hill into palma itself. Once in palma it is completely flat.
In the morning, before 8, the city is still to come alive, there are a few joggers, some other people out on their bikes heading to work and of course the early birds that just want to walk.
Riding along the prom is goreous, the open harbour and sea beyond, the yachts and cruisers worth millions, gently bobbing in the tiny swell, clear blue skies and the sun !!!
The ride home is equally as seductive until you get back to the hills.  On the way home, there are more uphills than down and you are also tired from your day of work, climbing ladders, up and down decks – scaffolding you name it. Tonight, i was too wiped out to make it without walking so had to walk the two last hills – can you believve that ?
tomorrow if i get home at a good time , i am taking the longboard to the beach for a paddle.  I realise i might look like an ass as there will be no swell but i have to get some arm excercise or when there is swell, i will have no strength at all.
One thing that is wierd to see, the tree lined avenues that have orange trees! in england you never expect to see an orange tree, i always imagined orange trees to be on a sort of órange tree farm´ but here, they line the side roads.
anyway, last night i slept like a baby – the first time in over a week. with my cold, i had to stop running and that left me with far too much energy to sleep for more than two hours at a time.
i think tomorrow is thursday? i am not sure.
lets try something new for the weekend.
if i dont know you – text me to say so +34 697 390 527 just make sure that your text says ´you dont know me but……………´  do it now

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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