Do me a favour

getting some good hits at the moment on my site and always like to read your comments when you can be arsed to leave them – but if you are anonymous – no-one knows who you are . i realise that might be the idea but then i have no idea who i am talking to – and i HATE that…….please please please please please tell us who you are.
anyway – added three new photo albums tonight so go and have a look at them all – i promise you will like them, and if anyone thinks i am too old to be skate boarding at my age – BITE ME!!!!  You will see a beauty ´toes on the nose´ride – oh yes.
the young lady that wiped out also managed to break her hand into the bargain – i take my hat off to her though – she never cried whimpered or bitched – she is a toughie – first time on a skateboard for her, and something tells me it might be the last too.
i am running out of time tonight so wont be able to write as much as i would have liked. got here late due to cycling to work and back today , then being mesmerised by anne robinson on the weakest link – dudes, that chick is hot!!!  i know i am bias, i know i like red heads – but man, she really has got it going on for an old chick.
anyway – max, i know you will be peeing in your pants at that – but remember – you are the oldest chick i have ever been out with !!!!
so what else, no surf so this weekend i am going to take the longboard for a paddle on my own beach. maybe paddle out to my island then drop off the side with my snorkel and see what i can find – that sounds heavenly but the water is very cold still.
tomorrow i can run again, my little legs were too tired tonight after i cycled to work and back today – a measly 20 kms. Palma looks good from a bicycle – apart from the old twat in the mercedes who turned across the cycle path to park without looking – good brakes on my bike – good job too.
anyway, i am back on ciderella now and probably for most of the week. re-plumbing an exit valve in the engine room.  this will make me swear a whole lot i promise.
I will be back by wednesday with more photos and stries, if you stop by, leave a message and tell me who you are.
until then
be good

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