having a saturday bitch!!!

ok, let me get some stuff off my chest – firstly muslims!
i see they are kicking up stink about some danish cartoon – a cartoon, not real life. So they are not happy about this cartoon?
Personally, i was a little pissed off when two planes hit the world trade centre twin towers, i was also a little pissed when bombs exploded in the london underground, i was more than a little pissed off when i watched western hostages having their heads cut off with nothing more than a blunt bread knife on the internet.
So please, let me appologise on behalf of the danish paper that published that CARTOON. I am very very sorry.
The French
Love them or hate them?  i do both!  when they block their ports with trucks and our brit truckers are caught up in it – i hate them. I adore the way they have the arrogance to hold two fingers up to the rest of europe and the world when they want to do something that every one tells them that they shouldnt. I have two examples, the first, obviously the fact that they re-published the offending cartoons, no doubt with the accompanying head line ‘Le Bollocks’ and also cast your mind back to a few years ago when illegal imigrants were escaping from songatt detention centre in france and crossing the channel tunnel.  The brits asked the french government to move the camp away from the tunnel entrance – the french responded yes, if you pay for it – their reasoning was that if england wasnt such a soft touch , immigrants wouldnt want to go there !!!!  i know you all agree with that statement – and so did the government, they stumped up 12 million quid for the pleasure of moving a french detention centre!
lets not forget french women – all european women are very very sexy but the french women have that little bit more. when they speak in french i could just die, when they speak in broken english – i have to take a cold shower.
CD cases
we all own them and we all have exactly the same problem…………you get one that seems to stick shut. As you fiddle with it, you work it loose and it opens with a snap. Yep, that little snap was the hinge lug breaking off so that now the cover never stays on. OK it never jams again either but i am more than a little miffed to say that we can put man on the moon, measure a cars average speed over a mile and process a speeding ticket in seconds, complete open heart surgery, brain surgery all sorts of stuff but a simple plastic case that must cost all of 50 pence to make – not a chance mate!!!
French Cars
I love em – mike hates them – enough said!!
ok, my bitching is over.
tonight we are hitting the town – palma mallorca is going to be graced with my buff and studly good looks.  It has of course been well over three months since i last had sex – way back in october last year so i might be forgiven for going out on the pull tonight – however – instead, armed with my new digitial camera, i hope to catch some cool shots for the site. so dont forget to come back on monday for an update.
I am off now to look at the photos of portugal on my page – i am very very home sick!

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