multi – lingual

so, my new work buddies are teaching me how to speak many new languages.
Ryan teaches me how to talk like a south african, paddy – like an irishman of course, Kade helps me to be native in Oz.  I am sure next time i speak to any of you – you will not recognise my voice.
I would also like to thank you for your massive response to my requests for text messages – i got a whopping 2 – yes 2 messages, one from cornwall and one from norway – thanks to faggot and carl oliver for those!
to answer your question carl, the melv craving lies dormant – one day i WILL get to the bottom of it and no doubt have polaroids to prove it.
The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed the change of my page name from Algarve Surf to The November Archives.
well today i was thinking and talking about my sexy ex girlfriend, Sandra.  You will find that very hateful e mail in my november archives on the bottom left of this page so feel free to take a look and have a chuckle at my expense.
While i was describing her to Ryan today , he asked why i dumped her, she sounds perfect.  I guess she was very sweet but sometimes your nerves get the better of you. Well in my case – my nerves always get the better of me.
as a treat tonight after work i went to the local shopping mall – Porto Pi – it was an absolute babe fest – i actually got scared and ran away.
Oh well – enough for now, dont forget to read my november archives to see just how spitefull women can be

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