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Password Etiquette

Miffed by it all?  I am.

Those tech geeks do it just to piss us all off. The meek really will inherit the earth.

There are a couple of things I don’t understand about passwords.  Let me explain.

I have three passwords in total.  Facebook has its own, that is not shared with any other application purely and simply because I don’t trust those feckless dimwits. Anything financial has the most complex of passwords – currently a 16 digit alpha-numeric with symbols and caps/lower case, you know the king of sites, Amazon, Virgin Atlantic, Trainline etc etc, then lastly for anything else I have an 11 digit alpha numeric for lower level security stuff.

This is where it startes to get tricky.

So Virgin, to point a finger, won’t let me have the 16 digit password, it says its too long. So for booking flights and train tickets, I have to remember a different password

Qatar Airways to point another finger, also wont accept a 16 digit password but also insist that I include ‘special characters’.

Hotels.com to really get my goat, wont accept a full stop as a special character in an already complex alpha numeric, caps/lower case password.

So that leads to two versions of my super secure password


Now, forgetting a password shouldn’t be such a problem right ? we can answer our memorable questions???

Dream on !

This , I really don’t understand.  Why do I have to choose a memorable question from their drop down list of completely irrelevant questions, questions that I have to think hard for a suitable answer, one that I will never remember in the future.

Why can’t I write the question AND the answer?  After all, the proof they need is the correct answer to match the question.

For example

Question one – what is my shoe size

Question two – first 4 digits of my phone number

Simple right? questions I would know and remember instead of ‘who was my first teacher’ or ‘the name of my first pet’ or better still ‘the name of your village or town’.  That one I especially like.  Ask anyone that travels like me the name of their town and you could get a different answer every month.

So Tech Nerds




Back to Work!

All seems to be over too quickly but it is almost the end of the month and I have now been ‘holidaying’ since 6th March.

Tomorrow my Virgin Atlantic takes off  at 09:40 in the morning for the return leg back to Antigua before a short hop on ‘Miracle Airlines’ down to St Lucia the following day.  Looks like we may have a week there before we set sail to cross the Atlantic once more – that should give me time to try out the legendary scuba in St Lucia although I will have a little bit of work to do before the boat is ready to leave.

Here’s looking forward to another boring 17 days at sea heading for, as my friend Mase from the Black Forrest calls it ‘Pussy Island’ – due mainly to the large amounts of ferrel cats there (ahem)!  I always maintain though, better a boring crossing than a crossing where I am fighting for my life – always a sobering thought.

Popped into the Comics Cafe in downtown Brussels yesterday for one of their ‘Obilix’ burgers.  Any burger that costs 26€ has to be something special, and this was an absolute monster.  The missus was paying so I also followed up with some American Cheesecake.  After a week of hanging pictures, blinds and changing light bulbs and fittings – she owed me !!  Anyway, while we were there, we noticed an old kids annual – Wayne Thunder and the Lost Continent.  I could hardly resist a photo, I mean, the guy on the cover is a spitting image of me.

Let me leave you with a final thought before I hit the subways of Brussels heading for the Eurostar –


The XX second album, just doesn’t hit the spot in the way the first one did – discuss !


See you soon munters !!



Virgin Atlantic direct to Los Angeles

I loved that flight – it might have been over 10 hours long but it certainly didn’t seem like it. A direct flight to LA from Heathrow for less than 500 quid! Ok, I paid an extra 30 quid at check in for a seat with 3” extra leg room but that was well worth it – it was so comfortable and smooth and the flight crew were just EPIC, Virgin Atlantic are now at the top of my best airline list, dropping BA down to second place.

Now, pushing my luck – I chose to watch one very specific movie – ‘Final Destination 5’.  For those that are not in the know, the whole final destination series is about groups of people that escape from a fatal situation only to be picked off one at a time by other disastrous yet hilariously funny consequences – and of course there is the air liner crash too – I was fair shitting myself with that one – I did wonder how many other passengers might dare to watch it.

I saved a couple of movies for the return leg, Johnny English Pt. 2 , Cars 2 and also Tower Heist.

So lets talk about America – Fuck yeah! – or more specifically Los Angeles.  As we were flying in, it wasn’t possible to see the whole city as the smog was blocking the view. Then we cleared the airport, even had very pleasant border control staff that got the job done quickly – unlike Newark! A rental car – Chevy Malibu and the bird found 50 bucks on the toilet floor – Nice!  then we hit the motorway – or as they say here ‘Freeway’.  There was absolutely fuck all free about it I can assure you – 6 lanes – 6 in each direction, all going nowhere.  It took over 3 hours to do the 31 miles from the airport to the hotel.  They have a car pool lane, probably called a high occupancy lane in some places – 2 or more people in your veeee hickle and you have a lane all to yourself – best part of that is, that lane is slower than the others, kind of removes the incentive to share cars, reduce emissions, improve the air quality and save money but then what would I know – I’m just a dumb ass limey !

We trotted off to Huntingdon beach at the weekend – very west coast! It’s very calm and relaxed out here, so much so that it reminded me of that old Baz Luhrmann song – Everybody’s free to wear sunscreen, where he suggests ‘Live in Northern California once but leave before it makes you soft’ Pure genius, kind of summarises the place perfectly.

I also headed out to Hermosa Beach on tuesday and rented a bike, a cruiser to be more precise.  I rode along the beach front for 20 miles or there abouts, all the way up to Venice Beach and back.  I found myself strangely drawn to a factory with two big chimneys.  I got my camera out and started snapping when finally a police car passed me. On his door ‘El Segundo’ – I was only in Tyler territory.  Still none the wiser?  Then look up a film called ‘Singlefin: Yellow’ you will then know exactly where I was standing – better still, ask me nicely and I will lend you the DVD.

So – for the weekend – Vegas baby.  I have booked in at a local gun range there, 500 dollars gets me my own instructor and a wealth of firearms to experience – including two belt fed machine guns, 3 fully automatic machine guns, 2 semi automatic assault rifles and 3 hand guns of my choice.  I aim to see if I can understand Americas fatal attraction with firearms – and just for the record I hope to capture my experience with my Go Pro HD camera so be sure to stop by here in a weeks time to see what is up there to view

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