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I see the Euro has fallen again !!!

Frustrated………..I am beginning to understand why that dude ran into the cinema, flung tear gas grenades and started shooting people.  It’s because he had been trying to call businesses to get things done and just got fucked off with voicemail and people talking shite.

I called a supplier yesterday, with 4 items on my order list.  After describing the first item, she put me on hold immediately after telling me she was going to do it.  When she came back, I asked her if she wanted details of my complete order first before she went off again to check the items.  Her response was, nothing less than classic. ‘ I have two other lines (phones) blinking at me with incoming calls’ strange that, being a phone order line. So I calmly asked her ‘ If I am troubling you, maybe I should call back later?’

I actually went one better – I called a competitor – the freedom of choice is alive and well.

Sadly, I got voicemail again.  I did leave them a message this time ‘where are all the real people?’ before trying again later.  Now let me tell you, Bill was very helpful, sorted my order, paid and dispatched a day before the ‘blinking lights bitch’ even managed to email me a quote.  Today, it got even better.  I found a company called ‘engine controls unlimited’ who make ECU’s for my generators on board. Now these people were just insanely good.  They did momentarily put my faith back in America – I say momentarily because I know next week, some dumb ass will tick me right off in a flash.

Today I went for  surf after work.  I even bought a new board! Oh my missus will moan about that – I always bitch about how much she spends on hand bags but this month I have spent 3000 dollars on a bike and today 400 dollars on a surf board.  I bought a BIC this time, not one of those fibreglass jobs, but a rugged plastic thing that will take all the knocks that the boat will throw at it.  That said – 700 euros is more than a tad expensive for a hand bag – even if it does have a matching purse!

The surf was far from epic and mentally crowded too – but always a laugh…..It’s good to get wet.

Here’s a question for you – crisp packets – why do they make them so damn hard to open? I just tried and gave up, chocolate instead!

I got excited earlier this week – I noticed 3 new subscriptions to the blog – please everyone welcome Neal, Vanda and Connor.  Connor has a blog all of his own – I will post a link shortly.  I would also like to congratulate Amy Winehouse for completing a year free of drugs and alcohol – Well done Amy!

Facebook – oh dear Facebook – recently you will have noticed my plan to ditch the site.  I had over 400 ‘friends’ on there.  I posted a status update saying I was quitting and people should send me their details.  For a select few (well around 130 to be precise) I also sent a message asking them to email me with their mail address as Facebook has last month changed your contact details on your account so I can no longer see your true email address but only your ‘@facebook.com’ email address, whether you asked for it or not!

I had less than 10 responses !

Ok, some of the 130 I already have their details but less than 10 responses – it does kinda make you wonder about the true value of Facebook.  I did read an article the other day about Facebook buying face.com , a company that specialises in facial recognition software – watch out with that one.  Here’s the thing, the USA is so full of gun toting loons that I actually have Mark Zuckerberg in second place on my celebrity death list.

Who is number 1 I hear you ask?  Well here is my list.  It is with great sadness that I put this fella at the top, not because I dislike him, in fact I love this old bugger for just being sensible about things – most recently shunning Martin McGuiness (the murdering bastard) on the last royal trip to Ireland, but purely because of his recent health issues

1. Prince Philip – HRH The Duke of Edinburgh

2. Zuckerberg

3. Bashar Al Assad – this fucker deserves to die and should be at Nº1 but the UN are just gutless on this one.

4. Michael Barrymore

5. Dame Edna Everidge

I admit, Barrymore is a weird one – just haven’t heard anything of him for a while, no dead fellas floating in his pool – what is a hot spot not?

Lets talk about fitness for a while.  I have had a record breaking month in several ways.  137.5 miles of mountain biking, 55 miles of running but only 40 miles of walking. Of course the month is not over yet! Expect increases in all three totals but I won’t be breaking my walking record this month.  Would have been nice to complete the hatrick but maybe next month.  I also hit the very elusive 95 kilos this month, looking somewhat like an AIDS victim if I choose the wrong shirt – in fact, I wore my shortie wetsuit tonight and it was embarrassingly too big for me

I would really have liked to watch the Olympic opening ceremony today but sadly no TV here – I am certain that Blighty kicked ass as only the Empire could

Long Live the Queen !!

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