Return of the Mac

Don’t be daft – Mark Morrison is not what I am talking about.  My beer damaged Mac is back in my sticky little hands, the Windows Vista laptop will shortly be consigned to the bottom of the cupboard once more.

But enough of that crap, let me tell you about my little jaunt around Gateshead this weekend.  The great North 10k was on my agenda and I was thanking my lucky stars that I was fit enough to run.  On Wednesday, I could hardly walk so imagine my glee at being able to leg it around Gateshead this morning.

There were 200 Gurkhas in the group in front of me, special training, British acclimatization and charity fund-raising all on their agenda – for me, it was a target to aim for – could I catch the Gurkhas even though they had a couple of minutes head start on me?

The course took me past several of Newcastle’s famous land marks including The Millenium Bridge, Sage, Tyne Bridge and along the River Tyne itself, although I never saw Gazza sucking sickly sausage rolls – fog on the Tyne is all mine all mine, fog on the Tyne is all mine – come on !!

Best part of the day?  Catching and passing 2 Gurkhas about 1.5km before the finish line inside the Gateshead International Stadium.

Not sure if I have a new PB or not – I guess I do.  49′ 20” .  My runkeeper tells me I did some 47′ times in Florida last year but they were slightly under 10k – either way, it has to be my best time wearing a numbered bib…..!


Back to work this week – I wonder what joys await me.



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