Word Up !

To Connor for giving the Porsche penis a good ragging off the lights – now all you have to do Connor is wait for 2 weeks for the NIP to drop through your door.  After 2 weeks, you are scott free…….Good Luck me old china !

That said – Porsche’s . who needs them?

Tonight I thought I would treat you to a superb upload of photos of my new bike, very arty, off the back of the boat, all that carbon fibre nonsense.  I did roll my eyes a little when I picked her up.  The girl in the shop described it as a ‘custom build’ to another customer who was eyeing it up.  Now, I am not saying that these yanks over exaggerate or even slightly embellish but ‘custom build’ was more than a tad over the top.  See, all they did was take it out of the box and assemble it as it came from the factory except for a set of pedals.  If you have ever bought a decent bike, there are always two things that, regardless of how much you spent on the bike, two things that are completely low-end shit………..pedals and handlebar grips. So in my mind, putting a decent set of pedals on a new bike is a necessity – not a custom build.

This little beauty has remote-controlled suspension so no more getting off the bike to change settings for ‘road’ – ‘trail’ or ‘balls out mental’, it’s all done on the left hand handlebar with the gentle flick of a lever.

It is of course nearly October which also means the Yanks are already preparing for Halloween – God Bless them!  Me, I am looking forward to a Boulder Break!


Enjoy the photos in the album ‘New Bike’


This has to be the coolest Ute I have ever layed eyes on


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