Young Teen Clunge

A strange search string to use to reach my site but this week, someone did actually land on these hallowed pages with the above search.

It was also the week that my sister, after some 8 years of me blogging, finally subscribed to my site.

I am now left wondering if there is a connection between the two?


Enough of that – let me blog…….


Sardinia is cold wet and windy.  We got a gold old fashioned kicking when we left Palma for Olbia, but then what should you expect when you leave port and the forecast is a Mistral? Every other boat crew were shaking their heads when we told them we were in fact going to sea.  The boat has been reacting very negatively to me leaving.  On the day we left port, no less than 4 failures, and pretty much one every day since we have been here.  it is making it much easier for me to walk away guilt free.

So guilt free in fact that I am now planning to take a couple of months off.  Back to Mallorca for a couple of days when I leave the boat on the 12th, then, and I can hardly believe I am saying this – back to Portugal for a week of surf and head straightening before hot footing it all the way to Brussels for a week there, running and riding through the forest on the cards!

July will see me in England for a few weeks before a trip to Russia, yes Russia at the end of July.  August is all mine so far, and I am toying with the idea of a coastal drive in the UK with my surf boards to see what’s about.

I also hope I can entangle Mr. Brown in another trip to Cannock Chase.

That will do for now – because, to be quite honest with you – I need a poo !

2 responses to “Young Teen Clunge

  • Verity Smith

    If you do go to Cannock Chase in July you should pop round to say hello as we live ten minutes away from there 🙂

  • Big Sis

    I subscribed a long time ago you arse, just never received any updates so decided to subscribe again.

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