Thermal Shock

Some things creep up on you, like old age, or as my missus so kindly pointed out the other day, the 1 very grey, nay white hair on my head (or to pronounce that correctly in American speak ‘gray’)

My average daytime temperatures have taken a plunge like never before.  This time last week, my daytime temps were in the 30’s with the nights getting chilly at just 26ºC.  Back in blighty, Monday morning and I am seeing snow snow snow and a temperature hovering just around freezing at best.  Old bones don’t like the chilly cold.  I was looking forward to getting out of the heat for a while but now I am beginning to regret my keeness to do so.  Walking this morning was in a wooly hat and gloves, its been a long time since I did that.  I am not looking forward to my run this evening but thankfully it is only a short run, and at a fast pace so should get up to temperature quickly.

Jet lag is almost dealt with – couldn’t get to sleep until after midnight last night and then of course didn’t want to get out of bed at 06:30 this morning but I reckon by tomorrow morning I should be fine.

The car simply is lush.  Currently I would say well worth the expense.  Comfort, safety and not too shabby on the fuel for a big lump either.

I would like to thank Virgin Atlantic yet again for another superb flight.  I am not sure how they do it but they just get it right, and the bit I don’t understand, they do it without turbulance.  There were so many choices of stuff to watch, I still had 3 movies to go when I landed.  I wanted to stay on the plane longer and watch them but they threatened to call security if I didn’t leave.  I also managed a free exit seat, not sure how that happened.

What really gets my goat though is when short arsed people ask for extra leg room seats.  Lets be honest, they don’t need them.  Maybe it’s their way of showing off to the rest of economy – ‘look at us, we can afford an extra $40 for our seats’.  There was a couple ahead of me asking for the leg room seats and they were short (and rotund).  I was thinking, really, do you need it?  I saw them later sitting in the departure lounge, these two were so small, their feet hardly touched the ground while they were sitting on the seats – why would they need more leg room?  Let’s have a minimum height of 6 feet tall before you can ask for a leg room seat – please lobby your MP today.

Hurrah for Virgin Atlantic anyway

Lastly, hello to Susan.  Not forgotten from my last bunch of hellos.




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