Evacuate the Dance Floor

For I am feeling BUFF!!!

Honestly, I have been struggling with the heat here, it makes exercising difficult – or should I say very sweaty. I am only managing half my normal distance and stamina wise, half my normal time (please, no jokes there!).  Of course, the terrain is much more interesting though.  Running out of the harbour here and up the hill side is hard work.  Better still, when it gets too steep to run and I end up scrambling on all fours.

I have also had two runs at the hill down from Shirley Heights, both of which failed to surpass the New York 44.6mph.  I have just managed to crack the 40 mph mark before diving on the brakes to make the 90º turn.  I checked the data tonight and that 90º  bend is still rocking at 25 mph although I did manage to lock my front wheel before coming off the brakes and peeling in for the turn.

We have also had a very famous (well if you are an F1 fan!) neighbour this week – a certain fella called Eddie Jordan, on his new boat called ‘Lush’ of all things.  I did a fly by on Mr. Jordan on my second attempt down from Shirley Heights as he was coming up with his Mrs. in tow.  I think I impressed him enough to get a drive next year so look out for me on the grid!

I have just realised today that Christmas is dangerously close now, less than a week away.  Thankfully – I have seen next to nothing of it and I hope to keep it that way.   ‘Bah Humbug’ I hear you cry but honestly, I don’t miss all the fuss and effort to celebrate the birth of a baby that for me is purely mythical.

I saw a goat climbing a tree yesterday – I kidd you not (did you see what I did there ?) – It did look familiar to the one I saved the other day.  I took a photo of it and will add it to a new album, most likely to be called ‘Antigua 2012’ in the coming days.

I am off hunting on Christmas morning.  There is a new fish in these parts, not native to the area with no natural predators.  It eats up all of the other fish on the reef and breeds like nothing on earth.  They call it the Lion Fish.  It has 3 rows of venomous spines along its body and apparently tastes superb (once the spines have gone of course).  I saw 5 last week when we dived on Hercules so should fill the freezer for a while.

Getting back to my buff statement, the terrain here is excellent for hard training so I am expecting some good things when I get on the scales this Friday.  Don’t worry, I will be sure to tell you about it.

The Boss arrives on Saturday so that’s my weekends gone for the next two weeks.

I’ll be back …

One response to “Evacuate the Dance Floor

  • Sharon

    Stay safe. Send some heat this way. It’s going down to 25F tonite with snow sarting. Suppose to get apx. 4 inches. Merry Christmas and a Blessed New year. Hugz from Pa.

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