A Proper Irish Quote

Rarely do I start off explaining the headline of a post but this made me chuckle.  I just read a story on the BBC about a small Irish town that had been struck by some vandals glueing doors on houses.  Now, what would you say about that to the local news journalist?

A geezer called John McGeever is quoted as saying (read this with an Irish accent)

“Some people went out of their homes and couldn’t get back in again.

“Then some people realised when they were in they couldn’t get out.

If that is not first class Irish stuff then I don´t know what is.  The kind of thing the script writers on ´Father Ted´ would have written for Dougal.  But don’t take my word for it, go and have a read for yourself.


So the bird has finally made it to the west coast – our next rendez-vous will be in Las Vegas on Thursday. We haven’t seen each other since 11th June and during that time I haven’t trimmed my pubes once so you can imagine what kind of bush I have got going on at the moment.

We are now back in Newport and standing for a month to get some work done and then heading south until we hit the Caribbean mon!  There was even a whisper of a trip to St Vincents & The Grenadines, somewhere new to tick off.




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