Ok, I admit – maybe I got it wrong.  The subway here is getting easier to use with every trip, in fact now I think I understand it – I take it all back, everything I said.

On a lighter note, I used my new found subway confidence to visit some other tourist hotspots that NYC has to offer.

30 Rock

Times Square

Walked the Brooklyn Bridge

Grand Central Station


and that floating museum on an old aircraft carrier on the Hudson that has a Space Shuttle, a Nuclear Sub from the Cold War (went inside that too) and pride of place for me anyway was The Concorde although it was closed to the public – magic !!

I also ventured out again last night on the subway to find a sweet little bar that sells belgian beer.  I like the beer but the price made me smart somewhat.  A bottle of Chimay Blue that costs 1.10 euro in Belgium  but it was 11 dollars in there.

Got some cool new shots with the cameras so again, take a look at the America 2012 section.

Oh and I got even lighter too – 93.8kgs  –  thats a modern day record taking the total loss now to almost 22kgs or a smidge over 3 1/2 stones. How fat were you I hear you cry – well, let me put it into perspective.  This time last year I had a 40” waist – today I am sitting in  34” pair of shorts!!! 6 inches off my waist in less than a year!


Anyway, enjoy the new arty photos but give me an hour to upload them – satellite internet can be very slow sometimes.



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