The English are Waking Up – Samantha Lee is 45 years old !!!

New orders are in – this time next week we could be moored up a couple of blocks away from Central Park in New Yoike.  That´s a first for me, New Yoike !

I was also curious to read about a lone gun man in Canada trying to shoot a couple of dudes and shouting that the English are waking up.  I am sure we will find out in the coming weeks exactly what he was talking about, the daft cheese eating french bell end !

The other week, I remembered it was my sisters birthday.  What made me chuckle so much was that she is 45 years old ! ha ha ha – I laughed so much as she is officially an old timer but then I remembered that this would also mean my next birthday would mean I am 43.  If I am being honest, I thought I was going to be 42 this year so it did kind of take all of the fun out of my chuckles – one saving grace of course is that my bird is still in her 30´s

Now, lets talk about guns once more – I also read this week about a man out near Melton Mowbray (that´s where the pork pies come from PC Westwood!) who disturbed not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 – yes four burglars at his property.  he promptly let rip with his legally owned shot gun catching 2 of them. He then phoned the rozzers and told them what had happened.  He and his wife were arrested, the two perps were caught at the hozzy and the other two also caught later.

Now here´s the thing – and I make this prediction now as I know somewhere, in the land of blighty there is a judge that will rule in favour of the perps.  The man with the gun will do some bird whereas the thieving wankers that broke in to his place will walk free.  To add insult to injury, the perps will then claim human rights infringements and sue the home owner for all he is worth and some ‘dumb as shit’ judge will make this ruling in favour of those thieving scum bags – remember that Tony Martin case from years back? 6 years he did, for shooting some thieving pikey scum in the back as they robbed his house.

Now, please don´t blame the rozzers for these blatant lack of common sense predictions, the thin blue line is there to uphold the law, not interpret it but I am sure there are more than a handful of them that would agree that those scum bags got what they deserved or in fact got of lightly for their efforts.

A little bit of common sense please m´lud

So where are we now?  My new running shoes are heavily worn.  They have covered less than 200 miles which is a little worrying, I will head to a place in Rhode Island when we get back there – a running store called ´Rhode Runner` how very clever!

I also received my Y2 exam study books this week.  Y2 is a serious licence let me tell you – but if you don´t believe me, here is a previous question or two for you to ponder.

A pump delivers 65 cubic metres of sea water to a height of 28m in 6 minutes. Calculate each of the following………

A – the output power of the pump in kW

B – the input power of the pump if the efficiency is 0.65

(note – the density of seawater is 1025kg per cubic metre)

If you can figure that one out, then have a go on this one

A bulkhead is 7m high and flooded to a height of 6.1m with sea water on 1 side only. Calculate each of the following….

A – The hydrostatic pressure at the base of the bulkhead

B- The hydrostatic force on a circular access door 740mm in diameter having its centre situated 5.9m down from the top of the bulkhead

While you are scratching your heads over those – take a photo and send it to me for inclusion into my new photo project.  If you can´t wait that long to see new photos – I have just added some shots of us ´Racing`in Newport the other week – I use the term ´racing`very lightly. Look under the heading of America 2012

One response to “The English are Waking Up – Samantha Lee is 45 years old !!!

  • jellyandcustard

    I reckon the pump is broken and you’re gonna sink!

    It was in the papers today the home owners were released – common sense prevails but, no further news on the bad guys. I’ll keep you posted.

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