Provocateur – Man in a weight vest!

I read this article yesterday on the beeb.  It seems the new fashion is to mock or taunt the poor old bill as much as possible.  I watched a month or so ago, a man in the states carrying an AK47 in public along the street.  The police attended, the carrier got smart (and of course video’d the whole thing) but wasn’t breaking the law as open carry is allowed in some states.  The Police, after wasting their time tending to this guys ego, let him go.  A few weeks ago, there was a shooting in the states with an AK47. Open carry would make people think an AK in the streets was the norm when in fact, the carrier was off to his local massacre store.

Now, my point is this – read the link below, and if you think that this fool was being anything other than provocative because of the colour of his skin, you are sadly wrong wrong wrong.  Here is a guy that knew his actions would cause concern to other members of the public.  He knew that his skin tone and the style of vest he wore that day would provoke a reaction.  Maybe, he was hoping for a bigger reaction so that he could sue the police and live off the proceeds of tax payers like you?  Or maybe this is a new type of suicide ‘wanna be’ bomber – he gets the suicide or at least well suicide by police.

If this guy thought his actions were normal, surely he should be ‘sectioned’ immediately for his own safety and those around him. Now, I am sure the police officer who suggested to him that his actions were provocative will be branded a racist in some circles, where, in reality, he was just applying common sense to the situation.

What if this guy had been shot – what then?  More city centres ripped apart?  A couple of innocent lives lost defending livelihoods, businesses burnt to the ground – all because of some stupid prick that , as I see it, deliberately sought attention for himself.

How do you expect the security services to protect you and yours when people deliberately dress up as a baddie in the great outdoors?  Common sense has long since left the country.  I would seriously like to give this fella a running fuck slap just for being a prick – that is all he needs, and maybe his benefits should be stopped too.



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