Michael Portillo

I always liked this guy and often wondered why he didn’t ever run for PM.  To me, he sounds and looks like a leader, almost a real life version of Hugh Grant in ‘love actually’ – I think Portillo would have been ace!  Then of course, there is Steve Brown who always reminds me of Hugh Grant too – How obscure.

Anyway, why am I talking about Michael Portillo?  One of the benefits of currently being in the modern world means I get good phone reception, great internet coverage and amongst other things BBC channels on the TV.

Mr. P was on a programme just the other night, discussing the current financial crisis in Europe when he made a damn fine statement in my eyes.  He said something like this

Are we (the eu) bailing out greece really? – No.  By bailing them out, we are simply covering their debt to the banks and financial institutions that have loaned them money in the first instant. A loan that could not be repaid but the banks didn’t care about that so much when the money was sent.  Any payment made to greece is simply a payment to their creditors – the banks that inevitably caused the financial situation in the first place, will get their money returned to them – By european tax payers.

It certainly made my ears stand up and listen.  I always liked Portillo – to me, he was a straight talker without the normal political rhetoric & bullshit that politicians so frequently spout.

One of his best moments – passion for britain I say.


Enough politics – I finally got my xbox on line again – must be at least 8 years since i did that – just another benefit of living in a modern world i guess.  A couple of new games on order and I will be able to compete head to head with Mr B again from anywhere in the world.

Heading to blighty on 12th October and staying there until mid november – that should prove interesting enough for me.  I also bagged some very cool photos of a young kid yesterday while out walking so be sure to have a look at those too.







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